Uniquely situated to support the demands of our IT and OT customers.

IOT Integration Services has positioned itself to be the link between the Information Technology sector, where the business information is processed, and the Operational Technology world, where data is collected about the work that is performed.  Supporting both ends of the information spectrum requires a special blend of skills and technical knowledge not found in most organizations.  Let IOT Integration Services be your partner to assist in improving your organizations operational awareness and information technologies.

Network Technologies

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Strong network technologies are the backbone of any information delivery system.  Having good hardware is only part of the answer.  The proper network physical configuration and software settings are what truly makes a network function reliably.  With any network configuration security is vital to its ability to deliver the required information.   


Whether your organization needs to audit its current network configurations or wants to upgrade your entire network, IOT Integration Services is here to help.


Information Technologies

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It has been said that knowledge is power.  Giving your personnel the information they need to make business decisions is what makes your organization more successful.  Real time or historical data are both essential to enabling your personnel to make the right decisions.  From the Board Room to the factory floor, reliable information technology services gets the information into the hands and in front of the eyes that need it most.


Let IOT Integration Services be the link from your plant operations to process control centers and beyond. 

Mobile Data

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In todays fast paced business climate, access to quality information is key to your organizations success.  The ability to distribute reliable information to your personnel is a workforce multiplier.  Giving your members the ability to access the information they need at anytime allows your members to solve operational issues without traveling to the job site.  Remote locations are no longer unknown islands of activity.   


Revolutionize they way your members answer your businesses issues today. 

Process Control Solutions

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Processing plants need reliable communications from the process area to the control room.  Slow data transfer is frustrating for your operators and bad for profitability.  Loss of control data can be hazardous to your personnel and equipment.  The possibility of network failures go up dramatically after five years of operation. IOT Integration Services can provide solutions to enhance the reliability of your current communication networks or help you deploy a new network to future proof your organizations communications. 


Contact us to find out how your networks can be made to work for you.

Power Generation


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gas turbines require reliable high-speed data collection and control networks.  With ever increasing control system logic files and processor loading you can't afford for your network to be the weakest link.  The rapid deployment of Model Based Control systems and on-board turbine combustion monitoring has increased the network load by 30%.  IOT Integration Services has years of experience deploying and modernizing combustion turbine control networks. 


Find out what benefits upgrading your networks will bring to your facilities.  


Distributed Control Systems

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Expand the geographic range of your current Distributed Control Systems and enhance the security and reliability of your operations.  Options are available to integrate wireless, fiber, radio, and cellular data transfer into your control system network.  Solutions for the various NFPA area classifications can also be implemented to meet your facilities needs.  IOT Integration Services understands the demanding environments your Distributed Control Systems have to operate in.

Bring your Distributed Control System issues to us for simple solutions, in a timely manner.