Focused on bridging the gap between your organizations Information and Operational Technologies.

IOT Integration Services got its start on the manufacturing floor.  Due to a lack of interaction and misunderstandings between the Information Technology groups and the Operational Technology departments IOT Integration Services was born.  Providing a means for these two groups to work together towards a common goal was the challenge.  IOT Integration Services recognizes bridging the gap between these two organizations is key to your company's success.  That is why it is in our name.  This is the goal of what we do.

Information and Operational Technology Integration Services has positioned itself to be the conduit between two critical components of your organization.  We bring knowledge and experience of the requirements and limitations of the Operational Technology sector and combine this with best practices and regulations of the Information Technology world. 


With many years of experience building and deploying industrial networks, control system configurations, and configuring plant data historians, IOT Integration Services knows how to transport your data from the production area to the boardroom.  From reviewing your process instruments installation, verifying the communications links to your control system, ensuring the right data is transferred to your plant historian, and your organizations network and security configuration supports the transfer of your information, IOT Integration Services can do all this for you.


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